Honda Oil Change Service

When you drive a Honda that needs an oil change, we invite you to secure us at Stephen Wade Honda as St. George’s trusted oil change provider.

Honda Oil Change Services in St. George, UT

As a Honda certified service department with a dedicated express service lane, we offer unrivaled quality and value when it comes to your Honda’s oil changes. We provide conventional, semi-synthetic, and full-synthetic service by a certified technician, genuine Honda OEM parts, and offer express service without an appointment.


Oil Changes Services

  • Full Synthetic – Fully synthetic engine oil lasts considerably longer than conventional oil; it also keeps your engine cleaner and flows better in both hot and cold conditions.
  • Conventional – Made from refined crude oil, conventional engine oil keeps your engine’s moving metal components lubricated so that they will not be damaged by friction.
  • Semi-Synthetic – This special blend of conventional and synthetic oil can provide some of the benefits of both: it’s less expensive than full synthetic oil, but keeps your engine cleaner than conventional.
  • Diesel – If your vehicle has a diesel engine, it will require a special oil that has a different viscosity than oil meant for gas engines, as well as additional anti-wear additives.

What Happens When I Drive More Miles Than Recommended On Old Motor Oil?

We know that this is a common reality among drivers that choose to sneak past a recommended oil change. This is called extended oil changes, and they might seem harmless as the problems remain out of sight and out of mind in the beginning. But those drivers that do this routinely will invite increased friction and heat that will cause internal components to wear prematurely. Here are the proven consequences of extended oil changes:

  • Increased friction and heat
  • Rapid internal component wear
  • Reduced fuel efficiency
  • Loud engine operation
  • Engine overheating

Express Service Oil Changes at Stephen Wade Honda

We operate an express service lane offering the oil change that every Honda needs without an appointment. This means when your Honda is due for its next conventional, synthetic blend, or full-synthetic service, we can provide it quickly and conveniently at our Honda certified service department in St. George, UT. We have many customers from Washington, Santa Clara, and Ivins that have come to appreciate the quality and value of getting their oil changes at our express service department without making appointments.

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